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Are you working on an academic project, undergraduateMaster’s or PhD and would like to receive a support in data analysis for your research? Are you looking for a statistician to help you with the quantitative work of your business? Do you wish to have quick and effective statistical consulting support?

Well, we definitely know how challenging and hard it can be to find a trusty statistician. There are just so many options on the web: websites of statistical consulting firms, statistical consulting centers and statistical consultants who work on their own. There’s just so much noisy information out there!

And, thinking about exactly that, we decided to create this article to show you exactly how it just became much easier and efficient to find a professional who works with statistical consulting. Take a look!

Access the United Statisticians’ Platform to Find Statistical Consultants

  • On the blog’s menu above, click on “Find a consultant“.find statistical consultants for statistical consulting
  • After clicking on this button, a list of statistical consultants is going to open for you (as shown in the image below):

list of statistical consultants

  • Enter your city in the bar on the top of the page,  and see what statistical consultants are available in your area. And that’s it – in less than 5 seconds you are able to find a consultant in statistics.

You can also customize your search for statistical consultants, filtering them: by gender, only with image, keywords, skills, countries, articles and number of recommendations. A tip we would like to give you is for you to only give preference to statistical consultants who have a more complete online profile. That is, try to always contact statistical consultants who have an image on their online profile, recommendations of their work from clients or colleagues, etc.

When you find the best statistical consultants, according to your criteria and needs, contact them directly via cellphone, e-mail or WhatsApp and discuss their way of working a little more. Make a deal with the one that seems to meet your needs the best and with whom you feel more comfortably. Arrange a meeting, if necessary, and that’s it!

Receive an Online Statistical Consultation

Another advantage that the United Statisticians platform offers to researchers and business people is the possibility of receiving statistical consulting services remotely.

find a statistical consultant online

  • After that, the following page will open:

statistics consultation request

  • Fill out the information of your research. Start by selecting the type of statistical analysis of your work: Undergraduate, Master’s, PhD or Business.
  • Explain briefly what you need. And take advantage of this field also to familiarize the statistical consultants with your project or research.
  • Provide your time frame and budget, in case you have one. After that, select the currency of your preference.
  • After you are done with that, you must direct your consultation request to at least one city or country. For instance, let’s say you decide to direct it to the United States. See the image below: direct statistics consultation
  • Check the little box “Send to all consultants from the cities or countries selected above” if you wish to send your consultation request to all statistical consultant members of United Statisticians who are in the United States. Add a new location if you would like to.
  • After selecting the locations of the statistical consultants, you can also filter these consultants by your desired skills. Such as: Sampling, Inferential StatisticsHypothesis Testing, Regression AnalysisBig Data and many others.
  • Also direct your request to specific statistical consultants, if you wish.
  • After that, enter your contact information (e-mail, cellphone or WhatsApp), in order for the consultants to be able to contact you.
  • To complete your request, click on “SEND REQUEST” at the end of the page.

The platform will then request you to sign up as a client, which is free. Signing up as a client is necessary for you to be able to receive proposals for your consultation request and also for you to keep track of the work.

The statistical consultants  who are interested in your project will send you work proposals. Choose the one which best meets your needs, based on the profile of the professional, location, pricing, work time frame, professionalism, etc. Just as with the search for local consultants, choose to work with statistical consultants with whom you feel most comfortable.

I Want to Find a Statistical Consultant Through United Statisticians, Do I Have to Pay Anything for That?

No! Clients who use United Statisticians’ platform to find statistical consultants don’t have any sort of commitment with the platform. There’s no costs. The purpose of the platform is only to link statistical consultants to students, researchers and professionals who are going after support in data analysis. And for this reason, the task of hiring consultants for statistical services should be dealt directly between the client and consultant. Both should pick the payment method that is more convenient (bank deposits, PayPal, credit cards, etc).

Summary: How Do I Rapidly Find a Professional Who Works with Statistical Consulting?

Through United Statisticians! This technology was developed exclusively to make the life of students and researchers who wish to find statistical consultants to work with easier. The platform emerged from the experience of consultants in statistics with clients in the market.

Watch the video below to learn more (with English subtitles):

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